Brave Phone for Children


Toll free: 116 111

Working hours: every working day from 9:00 to 20:00

Brave Phone for Children (telephone number 116 111) is a safe and confidential place where you can turn to for help and support. We have a team of professional counsellors who offer advice and assistance to children on how to proceed and what to do in certain situations.

The Brave Phone helpline is a service through which children can talk about their feelings and situations that make them feel confused, or cases in which they feel their rights have been violated in any way. Our support line is primarily intended for children who feel someone in their life and environment is abusing and/or neglecting them. It is important to know that everything you say is confidential between you and the person you talk with over the phone, which are certified Brave Phone volunteers.

The support line is anonymous which means you do not have to say your name, city, or any other information you don’t feel comfortable sharing. This is to provide an environment in which you feel safe and comfortable in communicating whatever is bothering you. You only need to call to talk freely and openly about any problems you may have.

It is also important to emphasize that our support line can be reached for free from any phone – home phone, mobile phone, or even a public payphone, it is a toll-free number, so all you have to do is dial 116-111. This way, every child no matter what their financial situation may be, no matter how young or old, can reach out and get the help and support they need at no cost.

In addition, any time you call the Brave Phone helpline, there is no record of information that you called. At the end of the month when you receive your phone records through your bill, there is no evidence/record of the Brave Phone number being dialed. This way, any conversation you have with our councilors is kept confidential.

Why and when to call Brave Phone for Children?

As previously mentioned, Brave Phone is designed for children who have real problems and are in need of help. Those who call the support line to fool around are indirectly preventing other children who need help from reaching Brave Phone right away. Maintaining the lines takes time and effort, and if someone calls with the intention to make a joke, there may be a different child who is calling at the same time who is in urgent need and will not be able to get through. If you’re bored or with your friends and are looking for something entertaining to do, rather than call Brave Phone we recommend you go out and play football, volleyball, hide and seek, or play a board game. If you’re alone you can read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, dance, read interesting articles in magazines or on the internet (there’s plenty on Brave Phone’s website), among other things.

Who are the Brave Phone counsellors?

Brave Phone counsellors are young people and students from the Faculty of Humanities in the fields of psychology, social work, education and rehabilitation. Before beginning their work at Brave Phone, our volunteers are specially trained for telephone counseling and educated in how children feel when they’re being abused, lonely, sad, when they have problems with friends or parents. After having completed their training, counsellors are constantly going through additional training and upgrading their knowledge and skills so as to better be able to provide the support and help to children calling Brave Phone.

Who have our counsellors decided to work and volunteer for Brave Phone?

…because they want to help those who need it most – children. They want to help in whatever way they can and contribute to helping children find solutions to their problems. They want to make your day a good one by providing a positive and welcoming attitude. For this reason, Brave Phone councilors are bright and warm people that are willing to talk about your problems without any prejudice or judgment.



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