Brave phone for children


Toll free: 116 111

Working hours: every working day from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Brave Phone for children is a safe and confidential place where you can talk to trained experts and ask them for advice on how to actin a certain situation and deal with a problem that is bothering you.

The helpline is a place where children can talk about their feelings and situations that make them confused and situations for which one gets the impression that their rights are violated in any way. Brave Phone for children is primarily intended for children who believe that someone from their surrounding is abusing or neglecting them in any way. It is important to know that everything you say is confidential and remains between you and the person to whom you are talking to on the line. The line is anonymous, which means that you do not have to say your name, from which city you are or any other information.You can feel safe to talk to us and share with us what’s bothering you. It is enough just to call and talk openly about the problem that’s bothering you.

When to call Brave Phone for Children?

Who are the Brave Phone counselors?

Brave Phone counselors are young people, students of liberal arts(psychology, social work, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences). Before starting their work on the Helpline, counselors are specially trained for telephone counseling and specially educated about how children feel when they’re being abused, how the abuse can be recognized,etc. After completing basic training, counselors are still involved in further education and professional upgrading, so they can ensure the best possible help and support to children who seek help at Brave Phone.


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